Manchester City Council and Heritage Lottery Fund: Stop plans to unnecessarily fell around 280 trees in Alexandra Park MCR

Around 400 trees that have been a feature of the park for 40-108 years are going to be felled to make room for planters and numerous tennis courts. Alexandra Park has always been a necessary green oasis for wildlife and people in a built up urban area. Please sign the petition to show Manchester City council and Heritage Lottery Fund how many people object and to save these beautiful trees!

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CEO of MCC (Manchester City Council and Heritage Lottery Fund)
Heritage Lottery Fund (Carole Souter)
Stop plans to unnecessarily fell around 400 trees in Alexandra Park MCR

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These trees are a vital part of the heritage of Whalley Range.


Because it’s my local park and didn’t even know the plan was to fell so many trees or I’d have opposed sooner!


I have enjoyed this park and its wildlife for over 40 years and feal that less trees would mean less birds – plant more trees and refurbish the existing tennis courts if necessary


It’s crazy to cut down the established avenue paralell with Claremont Road


    There are so many reasons to look after our trees, They are homes to birds mammals and insects providing food and shelter. They absorb Co2 and noise pollution. Thay are beautiful and should be protected.


    This is a well used/loved park. If these decisions went by without including the opinions of every day-to-day visitor to the park then that’s shameful. These spaces need protecting and if there are big changes then consultation with neighbourhoods to keep an inclusive culture.


    These trees are a major feature of Alex park, Whalley Range and South Manchester. At a time when our connection to nature is being gradually eroded in an increasingly urban society we need these beautiful, majestic, old, majical trees. They are important for our mind body and spirit. Please think again.


    those trees are beautiful and new tree planting these days often just features scrappy prunus species


9 Responses to Petition

  1. 280 trees to make way for tennis courts and planters?? The Heritage Lottery Fund is destroying our heritage. Who’s going to play tennis? Judging by the numbers of tennis-players at Wythenshawe Park this summer, the courts won’t be used much. As for planters, how naff they are! They should have planted replacements years ago in anticipation of the ageing trees being dangerous and having to come down.. Plant 280 trees now! Maintain our heritage!

    • Brian says:

      Couldn’t agree more, but perhaps the Lottery Heritage Fund should take note they are in fact risking any future donations to Camelot and damaging their public image at the same time as well as thier credibility as carers of heritage.

  2. Yasmin Quayyum says:

    Hi, I’ve read all of the below (along with the other related e-mails in my inbox) with keen interest and have still decided to go ahead and sign the petition;
    In response to some of the points below: I am not from America; nor am I new to the area. What I am, is concerned that any biodiversity initiatives do not come at the expense of precious already existing trees. (No matter how much money’s on offer… – In my view, these days, sizeable sums of money on offer quite often dictate all sorts of agendas…)
    As has been aptly pointed out below, these trees have already well-proven their merits by the very fact that they have withstood all that has been described below. Surely, if anything, this should teach us something of their worth?
    That is not to say that I’m not appreciative of the need for bio-diversity – As a long-term active member of Birchfields Park Forest Garden, I am greatly aware of its need (although it should be noted that I can’t speak on behalf of the rest of our Forest Garden, nor the rest of the Friends of Birchfields Park) – But to my mind, the trees’ long-term existence in itself proves them a vital component of the local existing wildlife’s make-up. On top of their aesthetic qualities and historical merits, they additionally carry their own practical benefits, create their own wildlife habitat, and I wonder how fruit trees and berry bushes would measure up to their huge oxygen-generating capacities in this polluted city? – Like I said, these are just my personal opinions but I’m going to sign the petition now.
    Best regards, Yasmin Quayyum.

    • Thanks Yasmin. I totally ditto your comments. Why take away an existing biodiversity for one that might not work out and loose the beauty and energy of the existing trees.

      • Yasmin Quayyum says:

        Good question Pauline. Answer: When reading through their ‘justifications’ in defence of this, *to me at least*, their reason seemed overwhelmingly to be… money. They even went into just how much money was on offer and how it stood to be ‘lost’ should their plans not go ahead. (I say ‘lost’ in a very loose sense of the word as how any grant money can be ‘lost’ is beyond me given all the countless other well-deserving worthy projects that the grants could instead be awarded to which would not involve deforestation / tree felling…) Sadly, I find money is usually linked to most environmental damage / tree felling.

  3. Brian Telfer says:

    Perhaps we should be petitioning Camelot after all it’s lottery funding that’s destroying our park. Maybe we should be asking all Manchester lottery players to stop playing the lottery until this is resolved, they might pay more attention????

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