What’s this protest all about?

Visit the About page to find out. Here are Positive Action Steps to protest. And here’s lots of thing you can do to save the trees and wildlife

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Great Spotted Woodpecker

local residents campaigning against unnecessary tree felling visit the site

local residents campaigning against unnecessary tree felling visit the site

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Flyer and Poster

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“Do not forget it is the park of the people” – Opening Ceremony, 1870

This is what respect looks like?

This is what respect looks like?

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Early risers needed to film the protest

We need people in the park on weekday mornings to film and record wether work carried out by contractors is being done safely, ethically (regarding the welfare of wildlife) and also to witness how the protestors are being treated by security and police etc. It would also be helpful if people could continue to monitor the whereabouts and behaviour of the parks wildlife.

Protester is arrested

Protester is arrested

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BBC Radio 4 piece about Manchester’s ‘one-party state’

You can listen to this on iplayer here, at 42’22.

You can contact the PM programme with any comments, using the contact form here (max. 1,000 characters).

There’s also an interesting blog piece on The Guardian Northerner from 21st February which discusses the issue of failing local democracy in Manchester, with a specific mention of Alexandra Park.

The Guardian Northerner

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Another example of disregard for wildlife, nature and public opinion – happening all over the country, right now…

Combe Haven Defenders

It’s believed contractors will be trying to cut hedgerows from Monday 18th Feb and that they have only a 2 week window given the nesting season deadline of 1st March. This gives protestors a further chance to delay work and keep the issue in the public eye. It’s not clear where contractors will be working, so it would be good to link up with other protestors, be mobile, and stay in touch (to share info, and to sign up for “in-the-field” text updates, text CHD on 07926 423033).

Adams fm trkMany of the hedgerows in the valley date back to medieval times and are incredibly rich islands of biodiversity, of which the abundant birdlife is but one manifestation.

According to Natural England “All wild birds are protected. This includes their nests (whilst in use or being built) as well as any eggs the nest may contain. Under the Wildlife & Countryside Act…

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Come and support the protesters in the park

Please come and support the protesters protecting the trees and wildlife habitat from destruction by Manchester City Council.

Birds trying to protect their nests, swans trying to glide across the lake, trees trying to sway in the wind… and people trying to enjoy the park walking, playing, watching in utter disbelief…. whilst MCC destroys the park against the wishes of over 4000 people. Sign here to show your support

If you are in the park or near the park can you take photographs and post them on our Facebook page and tweet @SaveAPTrees
Here is a gallery of the destruction of trees and wildlife habitat around the lake, no swans or herons…

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