Media coverage

Here’s a list of media coverage the campaign has received. If you come across anything not listed please send us the link.
Also screen-capture footage & upload to YouTube.

Please contribute to the comments section of the online articles


21/02/13 The Guardian – Northerner Blog (mention 2nd paragraph from the end – what’s happening to our park is part of a much bigger picture) …

12/2/13 The Mancunion

8/2/13 Earth First!

7/2/13 Granada News on line

7/2/13 SchNEWS

7/2/13 Manchester Evening News

6/2/13 BBC News Manchester On Line

6/2/13 The Guardian The Northerner Blog

6/2/13 Granada News

4/2/13 BBC News

4 /2/13 ITV Granada

3/2/13 Granada news

1/2/13   BBC News

Manchester Evening News 1/2/13

Manchester Mule 1/2/13

Demotix 1/12/13

BBC News Manchester 31/1/13

Manchester Confidential 31/1/13

Manchester Evening News 18/1/13

Manchester Evening News 13/1/13


ITV Granada Alexandra Park news (video)

6/2/13 BBC Radio Manchester c.5.55pm

1/2/13 BBC Radio Manchester 8am

1/2/13 ITV Granada News, 6.46pm

1/2/13 BBC Northwest Today & Northwest Tonight

31/1/13 BBC Northwest Tonight


See Video page

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