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Here is the link to Alexandra Park: Regeneration project downloads. Note that documents showing the extent of tree felling and habitat clearance are not listed here!

Documents detailing tree felling plans are: 115_E_Soft landscape Removal and Remediation and 115.4 Tree survey condition notes. These should be read together with this damning critique of the council’s tree survey upon which the tree felling plans are based (written by their own consultant ecologists) Tree Hazard evaluation Dec2010 where they recommend that a new tree survey should be undertaken. This never happened. We conducted our own survey and found an additional 153 trees specified in the plans for removal that had not been counted within the figure of c. 258 trees that the council is stating. The true total of trees due to be felled is therefore over 400. View our survey here: Tree felling total 400

For all documents submitted to Planning visit Manchester City Council’s Planning Portal.

The documents that were displayed on Saturday 1 Dec 2012 at the Information Day in Alex park include Tree Clearance and other development schematics that are not available for download (see image below).

For more information about the documents and what they mean visit this page – its gives links to key documents and explains their significance.

The gallery at the bottom of this page contains images of all schematics on show at the open day. displayed.

alexandra_park_regeneration_project_downloads alexandra_park_regeneration_project_downloads

Here is an image of the Manchester City Council Tree Clearance and a link to a large image Tree Felling Plan

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