A selection of galleries showing the beauty of our wonderful urban park. And, further down the page, galleries of the destruction of our park by Manchester City Council.

Album of recent bird sightings in the park

“Urban wildlife is the lifeblood of our society. It must be preserved.” – David Lindo journalist and author of ‘The Urban Birder’.

Gallery of the destruction of trees and wildlife habitat by Manchester City Council

This is the beauty of our park

On the 31st January 2013 local  residents managed to get through the council fences and get to see what the Manchester City Council and Heritage Lottery Fund had done to their park . The council threatened to arrest them. If only we could arrest them. They wont stop!

You can also watch  the video a Day In the Park which these stills come from.

2 Responses to Gallery

  1. Jo Campbell says:

    I haven’t been able to bear looking into the park for a few days, what they have done is just so brutal.
    The park looks mutilated, bare and sterile, I have loved this park for so many years, I feel like something died….and it did, many trees culled unnecessarily. RIP

  2. i cannot believe what they have done to the park!! i used to live in one of the houses inside alex park, as a child. The park was our playground and i have a lot of fond memories of it. Looking at these pics and the damage the council has done has upset me deeply. Not only did they demolish our family home when we moved out, but they are destroying the park. Very sad indeed

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