Claim your camping gear

Thank you all for your very kind donations of camping supplies, it made such a big difference to every one’s comfort level during freezing weather!

The camp has now disbanded and the camping supplies are being temporarily stored in a  couple of houses – Ian’s included.

Found: 1 waterproof coat, 1 water proof pair of pants, 2adult sleeping bags, 1 child’s sleeping bag, 3 quilts, 2 fabric bags, 6 flasks, 2 sport water bottles, 3 camping matts, non-stick loaf tin, large Earthenware dish, 2 snoods (neck & face warmers), 1 pair gloves, long wizards hat, bag of plastic bowls/dishes etc, 2 torches, 3 blankets, 4 tents, big tent inner with no fly sheet, 5 tarps, 1 small rucksack, water proof double quilt cover, jug flask, BBQ toaster, long handled metal jug, insulated kettle stand, role of visqueen, croppers, and weirdly a snooker cue!

Lost: 3 round silver aluminium stacking camping pans with frying pan lids, a shovel (with a broken handle – appologies), a VIDEO CAMERA – it is urgent we find out who has this or where they may have taken it.

Please email: or give Ian a call on 07757639668 and describe the colour, brand etc of the item you want returning/finding. If any one wants back items not listed above please leave a description in the comments section below or in an email and we will do our best to track it down for you.

Whilst a lot of effort has been made to dry everything out, it might be a little musty. We have tried to take care of every item but as the camp was occupied by many different people at dfferen’t times we can’t take responsibility for missing or damaged items.

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