Here’s what you can do to save 10,000 years of tree growth, 16,000 sq. metres of vegetation and the wildlife that live there:

You can print out this flyer and the poster below to share around your local area, shops and school.

FRONT 11.02.13 A5 FLYER

BACK 11.02.13 POSTER A5+

SIGN THE PETITION TO MANCHESTER CITY COUNCIL AND HERITAGE LOTTERY FUND – let them know what you think of their plans, ask questions about why you weren’t consulted about your local park.

SPEAK TO YOUR NEIGHBOURS AND COMMUNITY GROUPS – INFORM THEM OF THE PLANS, give them the opportunity to sign the petition and use the comments section on our website to voice their concerns

Print our flyer and distribute


The Development Officer, Debbie Marsden, can be contacted on 07507558084
More information about the project on their website

WRITE TO YOUR MP, YOUR COUNCILLOR and let them know your views
If you’re in Whalley Range:
Mary Watson serves on the Planning and Highways committee

Link to other councillors’ details

CONTACT US USING THE FORM BELOW AND JOIN IN WITH OUR ACTIVITIES to save our park from needless destruction of our living heritage


8 Responses to ACTIONS YOU CAN DO!

  1. Michelle says:

    I dont think the petition or writing to our MP is going to be effective as they are not listening to us, the tree felling has already started. I think we need to organise some kind of protest and have as many people there as possible first thing in the morning on days there will be tree felling. Will they be coming back tomorrow morning? Does anyone actually know when the rest of the felling has been scheduled for?

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  3. Una Baines says:

    I’m pretty certain they will be back tomorrow. They have tried to fence the area and we will be trespassing if we try to get past. We need to be there as early as possible.

  4. Kath Miller says:

    Bravo! At least you are making OUR feelings known. I would join you. Let me know when.

  5. Michmanchester says:

    I wrote to my local councillor Amia Lone and to both the contact names asking for comments listed on the Manchester City Council web site. No replies from any of them. The whole consultation process was a farce. My friend said she was asked about renovation when in the park one day, she said she thought it sounded like a good idea – but at no point were the fine details mentioned, including the felling of so many trees.

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  7. Stevie says:

    Amina Lone is so far up Leeses arse you can see her nose poking out well, that was until her dumped her publicly in a city centre pub for all to see!! So don’t bother with her shes another nodding dog also like him not from Manchester who needs to be voted out asap, direct action only way forward i will be there overseeing legal angle dont worry, Tony Lloyd needs pressure put on him ASAP to get the police to back off or a vote of no confidence needs to be sent to Cameron also…..High court writ needed to get the whole dirty affair stopped.

  8. Birgitte says:

    I wondered what involvement connections you have made with the woodland trust and the rspb?
    I will be letting people know about this and plan to come down on saturday.

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