Exhibition – Alexandra Park: A heart-breaking work of staggering destruction

save our willow from death

save our willow from death

save our willow from death


save our willow from death

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One Response to save our willow from death

  1. megan poole says:


    I saw this Willow on a walk around the park not long before the works began, and noticed in just what bad condition it was in. It appeared that this tree had lost a very large limb, perhaps due to storm damage or structural failure, an open wound of this type would result in massive amounts of decay and gradual shedding of limbs and collapse of the trunk. Trees are dynamic beings, not static, over time they age and in an urban environment it is essential that they are managed to reduce the risk of hazards. I agree that it is very sad to lose a tree, however if there had been a park warden in place still at Alex Park it is likely that removal works on unsafe trees would have been occuring regularly over time.

    Regards, Megan

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