Come and support the protesters in the park

Please come and support the protesters protecting the trees and wildlife habitat from destruction by Manchester City Council.

Birds trying to protect their nests, swans trying to glide across the lake, trees trying to sway in the wind… and people trying to enjoy the park walking, playing, watching in utter disbelief…. whilst MCC destroys the park against the wishes of over 4000 people. Sign here to show your support

If you are in the park or near the park can you take photographs and post them on our Facebook page and tweet @SaveAPTrees
Here is a gallery of the destruction of trees and wildlife habitat around the lake, no swans or herons…

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4 Responses to Come and support the protesters in the park

  1. Ged says:

    What’s happening to all that wood?

  2. The final insult – it turns out that healthy timber from these mature trees is being sent for firewood and chippings. Local craftsmen could have used this wood to make beautiful objects, but even this small consolation had not been considered by MCC. It’s clear now… they just wanted rid of the trees.

  3. After seeing the devastation and hearing about how scared and disorientated the wildlife are, I feel sick to my stomach and a deep sadness in my heart. I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to appreciate or even visit the park again after this is all over.

  4. Mr smith says:

    its a bit hard when im bout 300 miles away from there good luck xx

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