We have 4000 names for the 400 trees Be in the park tomorrow Lets make it count

For  the ash trees threatened to be cut tomorrow be by the depot building

Be in the park tomorrow from sunrise  onwards  Samba drummers and more please come along bring your drums  support the protest – we need your rhythm

I will be filming



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6 Responses to We have 4000 names for the 400 trees Be in the park tomorrow Lets make it count

  1. Just posted this elsewhere on your site then saw this post, so re posting it as a reply as it is directly relevant in the hope that more people see it!!!

    They started fencing off the area where they are meant to be putting the tennis courts yesterday and started cutting down the trees before the fencing was actually up. I came out because my daughter walks home from school across that part of the park every day. A number of my neighbours on Smalldale Avenue came out / stopped to talk on their way in with most asking what was going on as they were not at all clear. I spoke to everyone that I saw. I asked each in turn if they had been consulted, given that this is happening right in front of our houses. I have not by any stretch of the imagination “interviewed” everyone and would not therefore claim it was a full consultation…. but so far I have yet to find anyone who was actually consulted. Repeatedly people said that the only consultation they had had was the letter that was circulated about what WAS going to happen – ie after it had been decided. By the time I had spoken to a few people, it began to dawn that what I think they were all referring to was the plans / map that was circulated by your Save Alexandra Park Trees group.

    This means that potentially, the only people who are losing a whole area of grass, (as well as trees) right in front of their houses, as well as gaining light pollution and increased traffic / parking issues from those who potentially come to play tennis, are facing this without any direct consultation about this. Can this really be possible??? The areas such as the current play ground, are not sited directly in front of any houses.

    I approached and spoke to a woman who was measuring up the fence a few weeks ago and when I asked what she was doing, she told me that we had been consulted. I said we had not, just as we were not consulted when the fence was erected right in front of us several years ago. At the rally on saturday, a woman told me about the plans for the tennis courts and how they had been changed due to the consultation, because of the light pollution aspect and I informed her that I was totally unaware of all this. She appeared shocked that we had not been consulted when it directly concerns my street. The only person who has consulted me directly is the nice man, again from your group, who was doing a survey about bats that might roost in the park area. I am left asking how come the only information and consultation that has touched myself and the neighbours I have spoken to on Smalldale Avenue was that which was carried out by your group, working on a voluntary basis due to their concerns about what is happening. Our street is continually overlooked, even though we face directly onto the park which is only a few metres from our door.

    If Manchester City Council maintains that it has consulted, this process has clearly failed and I cannot believe that they are going to push through with the tree felling and tennis courts regardless of the impact that it might have on us without taking the views of the residents of Smalldale Avenue into account.

    I would also repeat my concern as to where exactly the “overspill car park” is meant to be, as this too is clearly going to be an area that is not grassed. Although it is referred to on the maps key, I am unable to find it on the actual map. Given the approach that Manchester City Council seems to have taken to date, this makes me very nervous, are the bulldozers going to turn up one day to construct it?

    Many thanks Save Alexandra Park Trees group, you have my full support.
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  3. pomfrog says:

    Carolyn – what you are saying is something I have heard echoed by countless people I have spoken to since I became involved in trying to halt the Council’s destruction of our park, stop and LISTEN to local people. A proper consultation has simply not taken place.

    I urge you to contact the council, your councillors, your MP – as many people as you can, and as soon as possible.

  4. Also worth raising a formal complaint with the Heritage Lottery fund at catherineb@hlf.org.uk
    They have replied to my e-mail to say that it has been recorded and logged as a formal objection.

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