Heron makes most of tree cover around lake


What an amazing sight – only a metre from the path around the lake. I just turned to look at the lake and there it was!

The photo below shows the heron in context – most of the trees and shrubs in this area are due to be felled…


Will we continue to have the luxury of seeing these majestic wild birds at such close range, right in the heart of urban Manchester, when the lake edge has been turned to lawn, or concrete?

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5 Responses to Heron makes most of tree cover around lake

  1. jaylad says:

    Where this picture is taken is exactly where the heron successfully nested last year! my guess is its starting to build its nest again, Please keep a eye on this area of the pond (Demesne RD side),

  2. I cycle to work through the park every morning and noticed recently the heron has been hanging out more on this side of the lake as opposed to the centre island. Will definitely have my camera ready for newting activity..

  3. The herons have been coming for years. I have taken my daughter to look for them a few times. Even if they have not nested, all the tree felling could scare them away.

  4. Just to let you know that as a former resident of Whalley Range, I have written several times to officials, councillors, Nat. Lott. and Gerald Kaufman.
    I am very much in support of you excellent campaigners and wish you well.

    • jaylad says:

      Thanks for your support keep up the pressure!!

      Also i havn’t noticed any bat boxes going up for the disturbed bat residents??

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