Manchester City Council Cuts More Trees and Wildlife Habitat – Alexandra Park

9 February 2013 Alexandra Park -Whalley Range – Manchester – UK

Manchester City Council has gone ahead and cut this very wet area of the park
despite a growing petition of 3750 objections
and labeled them as a minority group in press releases.

This film cuts between filming today 9 Feb 2013
and a film made 2 months ago to show the value of the area when Nadine Andrews kindly agreed to share her knowledge of the area at that time.

The planning document at that time listed the area as being turned into grass
The Council contract planner had indicated that they will not be putting in any drainage in this area on Dec 1st 2013 , so how did they think the grass and council lawn mowers were going to do anything and regular grass cutting is a high cost to councils.

The Council has since suggested planting wetland grasses  which is a small shift in the right direction but why not leave the natural habitat alone in the first place?

The Council had residents arrested who tried to stop the tree and habitat cutting,
and have served an eviction notice on objecting local residents in the park
supporting the 3750 petition.

Residents are camped in protest in the park as a last resort as their petition is pretty much  ignored after 2 months of attempting to save the area which is part of 413 trees plus 137 small trees and 3.3 acres of wildlife habitat that is being cut.

The vast majority of trees cut in this area are not  specified on the tree cutting plan shown to the public on the councils “Open Day” on 1 Dec 2012 or in the tree count figures given to the press and public or seemingly to Councillors to this day. Hence this suggests that only 10% of trees will be cut not the actual impact 25% to 30% of canopy cover if plans are fully carried out.

Hence the residents own survey which was sent to the council and Councillors has 413 trees and 137 small trees vs the Councils 258 at the time. See a video of a few of these trees not specified at…

In an email on 8 Feb 2013 the Council has suggested it is trying to save some trees on the plan due to be cut which is great and appreciated but this seems rather late in the day after they have devastated this area filmed  and completely cut down the whole of the Terrace Avenue which spanned the north edge of the park by Claremont Rd which has been a major issue  of most concern for local residents.

See video “In the Park” on this made 9 days earlier when this are was half cut down at

for before shots of the terrace avenue before it was cut down.

Sign the petition at…

For more info and  what this is all about generally and to follow what is happening see and register at http://savealexandraparkstrees.wordpr…

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2 Responses to Manchester City Council Cuts More Trees and Wildlife Habitat – Alexandra Park

  1. What on earth do they think they are going to do with a bog???? The powers that be are clearly determined to press on regardless. Can labour vote get any lower?

  2. Kipper says:

    That bog only appeared just before christmas when united utilities were punping out drains on Alexandra road and all this stagnant and stinking water appeared literally overnight.

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