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Dear Councillors, Sir Gerald Kaufmann

I am a local resident of ______ / I have formerly lived in _____ and still visit Alexandra park / I am a regular park user of Alexandra Park.

I am writing to register my severe upset at the level of tree felling, shrub clearance & wildlife habitat destruction taking place in the park and ask you to put an IMMEDIATE STOP on any further works (other than to the buildings that require renovation). I ask you to support your constituents / the public by helping us to gain a full and formal consultation – this time with transparency of the true scale of the felling plans and shrub clearance and to ensure that the majority of public’s consent is given to any further work taking place.

That the consultation process in relation to the development of Alexandra Park failed to ensure transparency regarding the numbers of trees being felled and the degree of habitat clearance. The ‘consultation’ on the numbers of trees to be felled as indicated on the plans drastically understated the real scale of the felling to take place. The Council admitted that ‘trees within dense areas of shrubs have not been quantified within the 258 trees to be removed’. This cannot count as proper consultation. Proper consultation as defined by case law requires (a) to be at the formative stage (the majority of consultation has been conducted after that had already made the key design decisions and (b) people must have access to the full information in order to be able to make an informed decision. This has clearly not happened – a court would not consider this to be proper consultation.

Furthermore, the petition signed by 3700+ and the protests are evidence of a poor consultation process. This needs to be addressed immediately. Sadly, I believe that it is no coincidence that the most unpopular and controversial aspects of the redevelopment plans such as the tree felling and shrub clearance are being carried out first. No one is objecting to the building renovation works – why cant we focus on those plans or other areas first whilst a proper consultation takes place?

The local residents and the general public are very concerned and losing faith in the Manchester City Council and other public figures over this. What will you personally do to ensure that democracy and public faith is restored?

Yours sincerely



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