find evidence of bird nesting behaviour

The RSPB has announced that bird nesting season has begun, and we have video evidence of magpies actively building a nest in the area where felling and shrub clearance is underway.

Under the Wildlife & Countryside Act this means the contractors need to leave an area of habitat around the tree undisturbed.

Photo: Andy Holt

Photo: Andy Holt

Magpies are one of the earlier birds to start building nests, but others are checking out potential sites and may start building soon.

If you are in the park and see birds going in and out of nests, or flying into a shrub with twigs in their beaks then please note the exact position of the tree / shrub and if possible take a photo and  post the details on this website, or email wr4wildlifeATyahooDOTcoDOTuk

We will pass those details on to the ecologist on site to ensure the nests are left undisturbed.

Also use this RSPB form to report any incidents you witness

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10 Responses to find evidence of bird nesting behaviour

  1. I reported the fact that contractors where felling trees on Birley Fields, Hulme during the breeding season and brought down nests. The RSPB replied that they were not a law enforcement agency, and therefore could not take action.

    • cultureprobe says:

      We’ve been told to report to the police, as you say that is not the RSPB’s job.

      • Cheers, did you get a response?

      • cultureprobe says:

        Couldn’t get through! But contractors/council are leaving 10m habitat round the tree with magpie nest, which apparently was not due to be felled anyway. Although council say ecologist on site assessed it was not active – even though we have video evidence to the contrary. So we def need to keep an eye on the ecologists..

      • Who are these ecologists and why did they not pressure the council to carry out a full environmental assessment of the council’s proposals. If that had been carried out, then the project would never have been carried out. Carrying out an environmental Assessment would of highlighted the extremely damaging affect these will and are having to the environment.

      • cultureprobe says:

        URS / Scott Wilson are the consultant ecologists. Private company. As contractors they only did what they were asked to do by council, and no more. Council only asked them to do what was legally necessary, not what was best practice i.e. a full ecological survey of species in the park

      • So the council is spending money (which they claim do not have), on private consultants. When there is the Greater Manchester Ecological Unit.

  2. Simon Marsh says:

    Despite having 7000 officers, Greater Manchester Police don’t even have one full time officer to deal with wildlife crime (Wildlife Liaison Officer).

    • cultureprobe says:

      yes it does seem to be a real problem. The police in the park don’t really know anything about the law to do with wildlife – its not their area of expertise. And unfortunately the officer who is responsible is just back from a heart attack and apparently isn’t allowed to visit the park for his own health

  3. pomfrog says:

    I think PC McGonagle is the (part time?) Wildlife Liaison Officer for this area, based at Didsbury Police Station…

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