URGENT: An eviction notice has been served to us on the camp which will be enforced in 45 minutes at 12.00 We need people to come down to the camp as soon as possible!
To show how many people in our community object to what MCC are doing…
To make the eviction difficult which will give us more time….
To help move things out of camp so residents won’t loose all of there grear they have kindly donated, as the police can hold equipment ‘as evidence’.


About Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie)

Formally Manchester Flick Chick.
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  1. Oh yeah, go ahead and blame the police because the council steamrolled this and lied during the consultation process, then no QC in the land had the balls to ask for a Judicial Review. Yeah, I know they’re the ones staring at you across the field, but they aren’t the actual enemy… they’re the slaves of the enemy! Peace and love to all on site, whoever thay are slaves to.

  2. joskin69 says:

    Bother! Trapped at work. Good luck!

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