Please don’t cut our trees down because I have played in the park since I was a baby

Dear Councillor and Council,
My name is Hibah and I am almost 7 years old.
I am writing because I am upset about the trees in Alexandra Park.
Please don’t cut our trees down because I have played in the park since I was a baby.
The trees make the park feel like a ‘woods’ park and I like the trees.
The trees are also the squirrels, birds and dogs homes. They will miss the trees and they will feel like they don’t have a home anymore.
Every time I see the men cutting the trees down, I get very upset.
From Hibah

Children need trees

Children need trees

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4 Responses to Please don’t cut our trees down because I have played in the park since I was a baby

  1. Byron Sting says:

    It isn’t a woods park though? There a lots of trees in the park for you to play near.

    • jaylad says:

      Ha byron i thought for a moment you are from the council with this talk you keep throwing up, then i looked on twitter and seen your picture,My fears have gone (unless there’s another Byron sting from Manchester) Its not the point at all is it. Now come lets be real Everyones allowed there opinion but if you can only talk trash about people who are genuinely upset over loss of habitat and blatant “slash and burn” tactics of the council, Not to mention non sustainability of the plans, not in the long term anyway! Then where going to get nowhere!

  2. Stevie says:

    That was a party political broadcast on behalf of Sir Howard “Hates Heaton Park too and is ripping that apart for private footy company” Bernstein.

  3. Simon Marsh says:

    Byron, the Council have a legal duty to mitigate the adverse impacts of development on trees and biodiversity. This requires them to take an evidence-based approach and implement best current practices.

    If an area of land meets the legal definition of woodland, it is woodland, that is what is meant by adopting an evidence-based approach. You can’t just say ‘it isn’t a woods park’ when all the evidence shows that the park does contain areas of woodland and other semi-natural wildlife habitats.

    Because this area is woodland, the Council should be managing it as woodland, not like a motorway service station.

    Best practice steps for managing woodland – guidance for planners.

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