What you can do to save the trees and wildlife

  • Print and design leaflets and distribute. Our eflyer is here
  • Make banners and hang on fences
  • Bring water, food and materials to the protest camp (list of materials required here)
  • Visit the protest camp to help with activities. Contact Ian or Chrissie on 07757 639 668
  • Join the rota for the protest camp
  • Write letters to your MP and local councillors.  The councillors/ wards are listed here. Attend their surgeries, make a complaint
  • Share our blog, facebook and information with friends, colleagues and groups. Reweet @SaveAPTrees #SaveAPTrees
  • Write comments on news articles (see media coverage)
  • Contact the media to continue giving this story coverage
  • Contact the Heritage Lottery Fund: Sara Hilton, Head of HLF NW Shilton@hlf.org.uk
  • Contact Manchester City Council officers: Eddie Flanagan e.flanagan@manchester.gov.uk; Eamonn O’Rourke e.o’rourke@manchester.gov.uk; Richard Sharland r.sharland@manchester.gov.uk
  • Contact Richard Leese, Leader of the Council r.leese@manchester.gov.uk
Protest 1 Feb

Protest 1 Feb

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2 Responses to What you can do to save the trees and wildlife

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  2. Stevie says:

    you missed out the main dictator cretin Sir Howard Bernstein the Chief Executive email that idiot too. h.bernstein@manchester.gov.uk Jim Battles ex wife Marilyn is his secretary (how cosy) so she will censor it so he doesnt get too upset !!! Wouldnt bother emailing the others get to the top hes running the show pulling Leeses strings trust me. dont waste time.

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