Bird diversity in Alexandra Park as breeding season approaches

I spent an hour in Alexandra Park on Saturday 2nd February in the area due to be destroyed for the creation of six tennis courts, hoping to capture just a few of the different bird species which call our beautiful trees home. The birds I managed to capture today are just a small proportion of the wide variety of bird and other wild life which depends on Alexandra Park’s trees for food, shelter and for rearing their young. With the exception of the Tufted Duck below, all birds shown here were photographed in the proposed tennis court area.

The highlight today was this stunning Great Spotted Woodpecker, one of several resident to Alexandra Park:


Great Spotted Woodpecker

Below is another beautiful little bird, the smallest in the UK – a Goldcrest (close relation of the Firecrest which drew people from far afield to Alexandra Park when it made an appearance earlier this year):



There were also numerous Redwing, striking winter visitors:



The following are more common, though no less beautiful, woodland birds regularly found in Alexandra Park:



Mistle Thrush

Mistle Thrush







Blue Tit

Blue Tit

Although these are the only species I managed to get half-decent shots of this morning, other species sighted in Alexandra Park since October 2012 include: firecrest, waxwing, goldfinch, bullfinch, greenfinch, house sparrow, siskin, coal tit,  jay, grey wagtail, pied wagtail, sparrowhawk, ring-necked parakeet, dunnock, collared dove, great tit, blackbird, robin, woodpigeon, magpie, carrion crow, and more… (data from Manchester Birding Forum).

There are of course a wide variety of water fowl also living in the park, who also depend on the trees for survival. I managed to get a shot of a fantastic Tufted Duck, one of many to be seen on the pond:

Tufted Duck

Tufted Duck

Surely there is room for compromise in the Council’s vision for Alexandra Park – one that will preserve our beautiful trees, and all the wildlife that depends on them for their survival?

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5 Responses to Bird diversity in Alexandra Park as breeding season approaches

  1. cultureprobe says:

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  2. Don’t forget the Herons!!!

    The tennis courts are going to be just in front of the houses. Not sure I want to wake up to the sound of people huffing and puffing, in stead of listening out for the Woodpecker. Never actually seen them, but I hear them every year. Looks like I am now unlikely to hear them now if they hung out in the trees nearest to me and these are about to be chopped down. This truly is a crime.

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