A Day In the Park – the video – with a Message to Manchester City Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund

Filmed on 31st January 2013

Alexandra Park Whalley Range  Manchester

A MESSAGE TO : ALL City Councillors and to Sir Gerald Kaufman MP and




TODAY 1st FEB – There are hopefully  300 trees still on your plan to be cut 100 or so have gone.


If you are a resident and would like to support join talk to our residents camping in the park now 1st February.

UPDATE 9.30 AM 1st FEB

Our Residents in the park report Another TV crew has just arrived

The BBC North West News  and BBC ON line have already screened films and have filmed more to be screened and are continuing to follow this story.

Food and support are arriving people are throwing food over the fence that we know and don’t know.

More people are coming down to the park all the time.

Hits on the Park tree cutting  Videos and website are rising rapidly with TV and press coverage .

The Petition is also continuing to grow!

A Day In the Park – the video -part 1  31st January 2013

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10 Responses to A Day In the Park – the video – with a Message to Manchester City Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund

  1. Will Frith says:

    There will be a reason. People don’t cut trees down for no reason. Changing the park back to how it should be will change the type of diversity of wildlife on site. Don’t always automatically think they are horrible people etc

  2. jaylad says:

    Will Frith what cave have u been living in?? Next you be saying there is reason for destroying the brazilian rainforest “people don’t just cut trees down for no reason” Get real now come on lad…..

  3. Brenda Unsworth says:

    It’s happening everywhere if its not trees it’s bushes. I live in Middleton Manchester and we have lost some beautiful trees and bushes. Perhaps we have someone in Government who hates trees!

  4. jaylad says:

    Going to have to march on town hall soon, This is a big week coming up for the future of these wonderful structures, The momentum is gathering!

  5. Achilles says:

    I wonder if the people who use the park were consulted. Any healthy tree cut down for mere design
    is not good.

  6. Tracy says:

    If there’s a march, can it be on a Wednesday please? I work every other day of the week at the moment!

  7. Will Frith says:

    Okay, that initial response came out wrong. What I am trying to say is that there must be a reason for the council or whoever they are to be removing the trees. Obviously I agree removing ALL of the trees is a stupid and badly thought out idea, I do also agree to what is natural. Trees in this area may not be natural.

    I imagine some of you know of the National Trust site up in Alderley Edge, as an ex volunteer there I know that in its current form it is not natural with all the trees. Naturally it should be bare sandstone with only a few native trees around.

    My point is I think that is what they are trying to restore partly on this site, the only reason the National Trust has not naturalised their site is that they would not be able to cope with the amount of complaints from people who like it how it is.

    I hope this makes some sort of sense.

  8. Pam LAIT says:

    Asthma and other related breathing problems are due to the reduction of trees,therefore any cut down must be replaced.I live in Worcestershire at the moment, my nephew told me what was happening I could not believe it.I am hoping to return in the next few months, as I suffer from asthma and C O P D, I could be adding to my ill health.
    When was this decided and who was informed ?

  9. greencentre says:

    Well, going by the pix it seems there’s already been great loss. Are there any left?
    But, Will, your concept of “natural” is not defined. Rather, you have not defined it but you can take as a golden rule that if trees grow there now that is the natural climax vegetation for the site. The whole of the UK, right up to the mountain peaks of Snowdonia would naturally be wooded. Anything less is due to human activities over the last ten thousand years.


    I would be interested to see this site and am coming over to Manchester very soon so will call in.

  10. greencentre says:

    And, as a PS, please don’t quote the Natural trust on these kinda matters – as their record of understanding “natural” is dictated by syrupy, romantic notions of English pastoralism at best – “I wandered lonely as a cloud when all at once I saw a host of totally inappropriate, ecologically damaging vegetation once sited by a venerated poet and so now regarded as the perfect foil to Herdwick sheep”

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