A Day in The Park 31st January 2013

A Day In the Park is a collection of stills .

Featuring all the happy residents that finally get to see the gift that Senior Council officer Eddie Flanagan has talked about in the MEN article on 13 January 2013. Quotes below

The Manchester City Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund  has supported it with  £1.9Million and £2.2Million of your public money.

5 Key Points why the council can’t be trusted http://wp.me/p2WORy-5o

Please Sign the Petition to save what is left of the 413 trees to be cut before it’s too late.


Ref http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/victorian-charm-to-be-restored-to-a-whalley-range-1210152

Quotes from Manchester Evening News article

“Victorian charm to be restored to a Whalley Range park”

13 Jan 2013 16:51

A £4.5m project has started at Alexandra Park, Whalley Range, to restore its Victorian charm and bring it up to date. The year-long process is the biggest investment in the park’s 143-year history – and one of the largest ever in Manchester.

Senior council officer Eddie Flanagan, who has worked on the project since 2003, said:

“This project has been a long time in the making, but residents have never lost their enthusiasm, even when our first bid was knocked back and that’s carried us along.

“To come through all that and now finally see work starting is incredibly exciting.

“Another exciting part of the project is finding a model where the community have more of a say in how the space is used and money is spent, which will be a first for Manchester.

“The primary purpose is getting more people in to enjoy the park in a light, airy space which caters for a wide range of interests.”

So Thank You. We 3000 plus  on the petition asking  you to care for our trees really appreciate it! Especially your concerned listening council ears these last 2 months !

A Great Start on the trees well done!

And Yes we are excited about it too in a different way though!

And as community we still want the “more say” you speak of.

We have been asking for over 2 months now  since we manged to discover the  tree cutting numbers were and details  when you publicly released the information on Dec 1st 2012 at the council OPEN DAY when we could no longer object as planning had been closed for a year by then.

Were we all added to that so called list of consultation  as if we were now consulted and happy about it all?

As for your ” light and airy” you certainly created that but 3000 plus don’t want your version.

Pity you didn’t listen before cutting all these trees.

See 5 Key Points why the council can’t be trusted  – http://wp.me/p2WORy-5o

A Day in the Park- Still Collection. 

31st Jan2013 alex1

31st Jan2013 alex2

31st Jan2013 alex3 31st Jan2013 alex4 31st Jan2013 alex5 31st Jan2013 alex6 31st Jan2013 alex7 31st Jan2013 alex8 31st Jan2013 alex9 31st Jan2013 alex10 31st Jan2013 alex11 31st Jan2013 alex12 31st Jan2013 alex13 31st Jan2013 alex14 31st Jan2013 alex15 31st Jan2013 alex16 31st Jan2013 alex17 31st Jan2013 alex18 31st Jan2013 alex19 31st Jan2013 alex20 31st Jan2013 alex21 31st Jan2013 alex22 31st Jan2013 alex24 31st Jan2013 alex26 31st Jan2013 alex27 31st Jan2013 alex28 31st Jan2013 alex29 31st Jan2013 alex30 31st Jan2013 alex31 31st Jan2013 alex32 31st Jan2013 alex33 31st Jan2013 alex34 31st Jan2013 alex35 31st Jan2013 alex36 31st Jan2013 alex37 31st Jan2013 alex38 31st Jan2013 alex39 31st Jan2013 alex46 31st Jan2013 alex47 31st Jan2013 alex48 31st Jan2013 alex49 31st Jan2013 alex50 31st Jan2013 alex51 31st Jan2013 alex52 31st Jan2013 alex53 31st Jan2013 alex54 31st Jan2013 alex55 31st Jan2013 alex56 31st Jan2013 alex59 31st Jan2013 alex60 31st Jan2013 alex61 31st Jan2013 alex62 31st Jan2013 alex63 31st Jan2013 alex64 31st Jan2013 alex65 31st Jan2013 alex66 31st Jan2013 alex67 31st Jan2013 alex68 31st Jan2013 alex69 31st Jan2013 alex70 31st Jan2013 alex71 31st Jan2013 alex72 31st Jan2013 alex73

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3 Responses to A Day in The Park 31st January 2013

  1. dave says:

    strange, I don’t recall the council being so keen to restore Piccadilly Gardens to it’s original victorian charm…. or Hulme.. or Deansgate…

    Alex Park has a history of protest – http://www.ukrockfestivals.com/rock-against-racism-1978.html – don’t deny your heritage…

  2. Debs says:

    entirely agree, in 6 months time with no one keeping the flowers nice, it will look like piles of forlorn soil and just an eye sore, the trees are good for us all. save the trees

  3. radek says:

    it not nice to frlling the trees

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