Protesters camp in Alexandra park to stop further tree felling

With a film crew from BBC Northwest Tonight, around 80 local people of all ages and backgrounds who had gathered to protest against the tree felling, peacefully entered the felling site and succeeded in bringing tree felling works to a halt.IMG_1345Sadly, all 50 of the healthy Sycamore trees that made up the avenue along Claremont Road have now been cut down. But hundreds more trees are under threat.

IMG_1348The picture below shows how this avenue looked just a few days ago. Many of those present were very upset about the devastation.

other end of terrace before cutting2

BBC Northwest Tonight are featuring the story this evening on BBC 1 at 6.30pm.

Some of those present have this evening set up camp to continue their protest. We wish them the best of luck.

alex park camp4alex park camp2

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22 Responses to Protesters camp in Alexandra park to stop further tree felling

  1. Barney Bardsley says:

    This makes me want to weep, its mindless gratuitous destruction that has permanently scarred a whole community. And why? to put money in the corrupt pockets of politicians and their buddy contractors, and its ‘stuff the people, stuff the trees.’ I voted for these tossers. Never again.

  2. Am filled with sadness, walked through on my way home from work – all that earthy wisdom gone in one day….

  3. Dave Bentley says:

    The people who ordered this work are evil.

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  5. Simon Marsh says:

    I noticed one of the reasons the Council gave for felling the Sycamore was that these trees are “non-native trees and considered to be highly invasive and have limited conservation value according to the Greater Manchester Ecology Unit”. I have recently completed a degree in Arboriculture and can tell you this view of Sycamore is outdated and scientifically inaccurate. In an article in British Wildlife magazine in 2006 (Vol 18, No 1) by tree expert Ted Green, sycamores are found to be the third most important trees for wildlife after oaks and birches. It saddens me that ‘experts’ at Manchester Council and the GMEU do not know the basic facts about one of our most common tree species and are still coming out with this discredited ‘sycamores are evil and have no value’ excuse to justify destroying them.

  6. jaylad says:

    If the elected council think this will all be forgotten about come local elections they are and will be sadly out of touch in current local opinions and wants.

    • carnage has started most sycomore avenue trees have been destroyed friends of alex park take alook at your shamful deed says:

      labour council you make the tories look like pussy cats, hang your head in shame you evil b—– ds

  7. The Lee Family says:

    The Lee Family would like to wish all involved in Alexndra Park good luck in their fight you will need it

  8. Lyn Woolry says:

    Any one who goes to see the devastation will weep!

  9. radiodaisie says:

    A place I’ve known all my life, pretty much decimated, just hope that the plans for the redevelopment of this beautiful Victorian park do it justice..mind you, we’ll never see trees there ever again of the stature and grace of the ones that are being destroyed..

  10. Reblogged this on patricktsudlow and commented:
    Manchester City Council’s continuing Ecocide.

  11. paurina says:

    The contempt of the council officers who came to the site when the site (a ‘construction site’ according to them) was despicable. They treated us as though we are enemies rather than local people concerned about a local amenity. Unfortunately this is what we have come to expect from a council which is sure of never being voted out, because there is no viable opposition. They no longer have any sense of service for the community, they always know best and we are just a nuisance if we don’t agree with their decisions.

  12. Tracy says:

    Paurina, I couldn’t agree more.

  13. karl says:

    This natural wonder should have been preserved and not destroyed. Since when did safeguarding our green heritage mean so little!! Im left without words at the ignorance and indifference from manchester council and their planners is disgusting. To me this reeks of someone trying to make their mark on something that only needed a bit of tlc. Big plans with no soul or ambition to build and sustain the past heritage.

    It reflects on their arrogant short sighted and poor judgement. But what they have done and failed to do has been noted and a lot of people will not vote for you again.

    Shame on you manchester council, you are behaving like thugs and vandals! If any of you bother to read public opinion cease this mindless poorly thaught action and admit that you have made a massive mistake.

  14. Kipper says:

    Can somebody tell me where the figure of 400 trees being felled came from ? I have been searching for the actual document which states this figure without any sucess. Help !

    • cultureprobe says:

      Yes – we’ve just added a pdf to the About page, which is a detailed survey that we conducted. It shows exactly how we arrived at this figure of 413. You need to refer to the council planning docs 115_E and 115.4 – see MCC docs page on menu

  15. mayachowdhry says:

    The council had 260 trees declared on their tree cutting plan and indicated zones that would be cut not specifying the amount of trees in the zones to be cut. see
    However a consultant’s report Tree Hazard evaluation Dec2010 highlights this and other failings of MCC’s tree survey upon which the renovation plans are based, concluding “this has led to doubt over the accuracy of the survey” and recommending trees are surveyed again from scratch. We have found no evidence that a proper tree survey has yet been undertaken. (search for this report on our website & download it) We have therefore undertaken our own tree survey and concluded that there are at least 400 trees at threat of being felled. If you want more information on this let us know

  16. Simon Marsh says:

    The Tree Felling Plan says that the Council is incorporating the “best practice for tree management.” Where trees are present on a development site, the best practice is to comply with the principal national document concerning trees and development – BS:5837 Trees in Relation to Construction Recommendations. The Council’s tree survey and plans don’t comply with BS:5837 because they aren’t of sufficient accuracy and don’t contain a Tree Protection Plan identifying root protection areas (RPAs).

    • Lyn Woolry says:

      What about the impact on the Wild Life in the Park? Is there any mention of that? I don’t think the Council have thought this through.. Bless all who are braving the cold and rain.

  17. ingrid burney says:

    I read somewhere that trees are the lungs of a city. I may be naive but I cannot understand why these trees are being cut down. They will never be replaced. I’m sure the people who drew up the plans were well meaning, but destroying long lived structures such as trees for ephemeral elements such as flowerbeds ( which will need high maintenance ) is short sighted. All blessings to the camp.

  18. I’m glad to hear that the people are doing something for their community, the more we let them step on us and our trees, the more okay they think it is to just do whatever they want.

    -Samudaworth Tree Service

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