More Shocking Scenes of Decimation- See what was lost below

31jan jennyphoto

More shocking scenes of decimation were found today when local residents reclaimed their own park under protest, when the Manchester City Council and Heritage Lottery Fund with it’s now £5 Million Plan using  Public Money would not listen to the 2150 petition to save the trees. The petition is now 2340 and rising as the BBC TV helps get the story out  about the lack of true consultation with local residents  and shows what the Council’s plan have destroyed- this being only 80 or so trees out of 413 to be cut.

Hence there is 333 left that will be destroyed if the Council attempts to continue forcing it’s plan upon the community.

31jan jennyphoto3

What it used to look like below.

other end of terrace before cutting2

Before cutting Terrace3

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4 Responses to More Shocking Scenes of Decimation- See what was lost below

  1. The Lee Family says:

    The Lee Family would like to wish all involved in Alexndra Park good luck in their fight you will need it

  2. Melina says:

    I go to the park for a run/jog. It is really shocking and devastating what has happened. The park was beautiful because of the trees. Couldn’t they start working on less destructive aspects of the park ‘restoration’?

  3. janet says:

    why are trees the first to go [they can sell the wood] i spent lots of good times in the park when i was young and have taken my grandchildren there you cannot replace these trees in our life time they are needed filter the air we breath and to provide shade in the summer think of the birds and wild life i wish you all the best keep up the good work The ChristianFamily

  4. Anyone who imagines this beautiful park could possibly be improved by removing its spectacular, beautiful trees must have been blinded by £ signs dancing in their eyes.

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