Hundreds more sign petition after BBC news feature – now 2316 signatures

The numbers of local people signing the petition leapt up after BBC Northwest Tonight featured our story this evening.

Sign the petition here Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 19.51.19

2316 people have now signed to oppose the scale of tree felling in the park, yet the council still claim we are a tiny minority, and that the majority of local people support the plans.

But the council have never provided any verifiable evidence of this local support. Who are all these people? Where are they?

And because the council didn’t disclose the full extent of the destruction to trees and wildlife that the renovation plans would entail when they undertook their ‘consultation’, people who did voice support for the plans, did so without knowing the full facts. Case law says that this therefore doesn’t count as proper consultation.

Not that the council cares. They are “not going to be browbeaten” by two thousand local residents and tax payers exercising their democratic rights. And where are the elected councillors in all this? Conspicuous by their silence in representing their constituents who oppose the plans.

When this park, paid for by public subscription, was opened by the city mayor in 1870 he declared Alex park “the people’s property”. The council and councillors would do well to remember that.

It’s our park but we’re not being listened to. These plans have been concocted by a load of bureaucrats who have got no relationship with the place and who it seems couldn’t care less about wildlife, climate change or participatory democracy.

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2 Responses to Hundreds more sign petition after BBC news feature – now 2316 signatures

  1. The Lee Family says:

    The Lee Family would like to wish all involved in Alexndra Park good luck in their fight you will need it

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