Residents are now calling for council resignations and calling for a judicial inquiry.

Alexandra Park Whalley Range Manchester UK 30 Jan 2013

Residents are now calling for council resignations in the face of the abuse of their power and calling for a judicial inquiry to be made.

Looking like a natural disaster zone  this man made arrogant environmental destruction is almost  forced through after arresting 1 local resident who tried to save the trees.
He was de- arrested and the council contractors chain saws swung into action yet again yesterday 28th and 29th of  January 2013

Watch the video here of cut trees merged with how it looked before the cutting

Mean time the on line petition objecting  stands at 2150 at this time

Council just ignores it hell spent on spending the £1.9 million of the residents money and 2.2 million of Heritage Lottery fund money to return parts of the park to how it looked 100 years ago in this madness.

Residents supportive of parts of the plan have been objecting for 2 months now after they found out that 400 trees were going to be cut. Council still continue to deny this in the face of photographic evidence of large mature trees they did not specify in the pretense of 258 trees.

All City Councillors have shirked their real duty to listen to local residents with none prepared to support a stop to this atrocity and support mediation,saying  that it is not many trees and that it is only 10 % of park  trees when it is 25% to 30% of tree cover being lost. They had agreed to increase tree numbers city wide by 10%

Council has tried to divert any responsibility by blaming the Heritage Lottery fund as demanding the trees be cut or funding would not be provided while the HLF say it not true in an email reply to a local resident and the council are going ahead with cutting any way as fast as possible.

Local residents and shocked and sickened by the arrogance of the council.

In March 2011 they fought the  council  over  its attempted plan  to cut 473 street trees in the same area and eventually backed down after residents had to take action when they started cutting trees.  Again complaining about  lack of real consultation with local residents.

However the same council people have done it again.

Residents are now calling for council resignations in the face of the abuse of their power and calling for a judicial inquiry to made.

Sign the petition

Email local councilors and Sir Gerald Kaufman MP and ask for a stop to consult local residents properly over the way they spend their money.

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4 Responses to Residents are now calling for council resignations and calling for a judicial inquiry.

  1. Rianna says:

    Dear Ms Powell and Mr Murphy.

    As you must be well aware by now I am a resident of Rosebery Street/Bowes Street, and Alexandra Park is within close proximity to my home. I benefit immensely from using this park, as do local residents in the surrounding area and also I am sure as do visitors to Manchester.

    It has come to my attention recently that the Manchester City Council is to undertake restoration works to run down buildings within the park; in addition to this restoration work, Manchester City Council are unnecessarily causing harm to our environment with the felling of over 400 trees within the park (please be aware that the felling of the trees has now officially commenced). I am sure that by using the designated funding one can come to maintain such beautiful heritage, as oppose to destroying the environment and everything that comes in its way.

    The large scale tree felling and shrub clearance involved has to STOP, and the concerns of the constituents need to be taken on board. The Council Officers and the Councillors of local communities are public servants and have been put in positions to serve the public as stated clearly in black and white in the appropriate sections of the Manchester City Councils Constitution.

    I am therefore writing to you to express my deep and serious concerns and to request passionately that parts of the restoration plan considered by Manchester City Council be revised with a view to developing a more environmentally sensitive solution which is better suited and fits with the Manchester Tree Strategy and the overall environment of the local communities.

  2. joskin69 says:

    To all the elected folks via email.
    Dear all,
    I wish to express my utter disgust at what you have driven through at this beautiful park. I walk in here almost daily and to see the butchery that you have sanctioned is almost unbearable.

    Your so called consultation is flawed, you have angered an entire neighbourhood and you will not be forgiven for this, I will campaign vigorously for you to be removed from your posts, you do not represent your constituents.

    You are a disgrace to democracy for permitting this to go ahead despite an overwhelming expression from the local community calling upon you to review your decision.

    Wonder you may, why nobody wants to engage with you lot, because you just steam roll ahead and please you very selves anyway. It’s noted!

  3. The Lee Family says:

    The Lee Family would like to wish all involved in Alexndra Park good luck in their fight you will need it

  4. RR says:

    The Manchester City Council and the Local Councillors thought they would be able to get away with this one, since Alexandra Park it might be said is situated in parts of Moss Side aswell. Since in deprived areas (Moss Side, Clayton and Salford) they bulldoze their desires upon the local people, thinking they will not make a stance. How how very, very, very wrong they were in the case of Alexandra Park.

    To all the local people, please carefully consider your votes when you do vote at the local polling stations. Apart from Mr Kaufman, no other councillor has stepped up and supported the local people. Inherent INJUSTICE in a DEMOCRATIC STATE. Do not vote the local councillors who are currently representing you. An absolute shame on them.

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