Manchester City Council Machine Destroys – 2400 Years of Tree Growth in 2 days

Whats Next ? That’s only 60  down  in the actual terrace area that you see below 353 trees to go!  And they have already started.

Do you still really want to cut  30 plus mature Ash trees for 4 to 6 tennis courts?

and much more if you let them once the leaves get on the courts in years to come.

main cutting photo

After the council machine and Heritage Lottery funding  plan acts – they say we are all delighted with the renovation plans.

No ecologist was on site during cutting  to check for bats and hedgehogs as per planning conditions and specific assurances weeks earlier made by  council.

What we had before -A Resident and Friend of Alexandra Park looks on 29th November 2012 when he just found out minutes before that 260 trees were going to be cut after his chance meeting in park with the parks contract planner. His request not heard.

Before cutting Terrace2

CuttingTerrace Alexandra Rd south end 30 jan2013

After and before at the other end of the terrace cut today  30 January 2013

other end of terrace before cutting2

cutting J 1photo

Credit Photos by Dai O'Nysius

Courtesy of Dai O’Nysius the trees  below in another season.

Credit Photos by Dai O'Nysius

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22 Responses to Manchester City Council Machine Destroys – 2400 Years of Tree Growth in 2 days

  1. Tracy says:

    I feel physically sick at the sight of this.

  2. joskin69 says:

    This is disgusting and heartbreaking. I HATE Manchester Council for this! Hate them, hate them, hate them! Participatory Democracy? Where? When?

  3. Debbie says:

    It’s heartbreaking. I can’t believe this is necessary.

  4. jim says:

    This is just terrible! I cannot believe how councils dear to do such atrocities 😦 has there been any public consultation about this anywhere?

  5. Michmanchester says:

    I loved that avenue, I used to run down it on the final lap of my weekly run in the park. I don’t think I can even visit the park at the moment it’s so upsetting.

  6. Jon says:

    Who are the people who vote these council in. I haven’t voted for them years after so much destruction they have done over the last decade in Manchester. They are absolutely disgusting – I can’t find the words to print on here how much I HATE THIS F****** LABOUR COUNCIL

  7. Leah says:

    I’m utterly appalled at this and so angry I could cry! Words, (apart from swear words) fail me.

  8. dave says:

    Heritage Lottery funding destroys our heritage.. has anyone contacted the Heritage Lottery Fund and expressed their anger at their funding the destruction of a beautiful park?

  9. dave says:

    here’s the heritage lotteryf und contact details –

    I’d also suggest find out where your local councillor lives and protesting outside their home

    and go and protest outside the town hall..
    unfortunately, Manchester City council always seem to get there own way, the regeneration of Hulme rode roughshod over the wishes of the residents and destroyed local businesses, now they’re destroying a beautiful park in order to build some tennis courts that no one wants. I assume that the company carrying out this wanton destruction payed a backhander, sorry I mean “donation” to the local Labour party – there’s been reports in the pastin the MEN about construction companies getting planning permission rubber stamped in exchange for a 20K donation to the Labour Party coffers

  10. mo rogers says:

    cutting trees so the park will look the same as in victorian era, it didnt stop em demolishing over 200 victorian houses in openshaw then running out of money and leaving it derelict.council are full of bogus excuses.

  11. Simon Corble says:

    When I lived in this part of the city, I walked in Alexandra Park almost daily and it was vital to my mental well being, being a little touch of the wild amongst the urban sprawl. No, more than that, the place has real magic, that these schemers cannot understand. I first saw Buzzcocks live there in 1978! What’s that got to do with it? – Just a little part of So Much History. “Returning it to how it looked in Victorian times” is just NONESENSE! (if that is their plan). The Victorians would have looked forward to a vision of its maturity today. Though I no longer live in the city, I feel something of me is under attack here.

  12. Doug says:

    The “modern” view is that trees are a danger to society. They can blow over and kill people. They provide hiding places for rapists and drugged-up muggers. They get in the way of CCTV cameras. Councils all over the land have declared war on trees & large shrubs. It is all for the safety of the citizens….

  13. joskin69 says:

    Councillor Cox got back to me today, here’s what he had to say:
    Dear Jo Campbell

    Colleagues in Whalley Range have forwarded me your recent email about Alexandra Park as you are one of my constituents. I realise that you are very angry about the removal of some trees as part of the exciting plans for the Park. I am sorrry that you feel that this has not been done in a democratic way. I don’t agree with you about this. There is an active Friends of Alexandra Park Group which has spent a lot of time debating the plans, which have also gone through the Council’s planning processes. As well as opponents of the scheme, there are a lot of local people who support the project to improve this beautiful but neglected park.

    I entirely accept your right to take a different view about this. But I do hope that we can conduct the discussion in a way that respects each other’s opinions. I don’t agree that the people who disagree with you ‘are a disgrace to democracy’ and believe this is an intemperate phrase. I happen to believe passionately that the future of Alexandra Park is going to be enhanced by the plans for its future. I respect the fact that you don’t agree about this. But I do hope that you will respect our basic integrity in return.

    I note that we have corresponded about climate change in the past. Subject to the above proviso, I am more than glad for you to raise issues with me.

    Best wishes,

    Alistair Cox
    Councillor for Moss Side
    0161 226 3258

  14. Tracy says:

    Dave, I wonder if you (or I, if I have time) could make a freedom of information request about donations? What do you think?

  15. jaylad says:

    Spot on tracy!!

  16. Robin says:

    This reeks of backhanders. I cannot believe that the people responsible are not financially linked to the contractors and companies involved.
    Does anyone have the address’s of these power crazed vandals? I’m thinking of making a democratic decision to do some landscaping and restore there gardens to the way they looked in the Victorian era.

  17. Robin says:

    This reeks of backhanders. I cannot believe that the people responsible are not financially linked to the contractors and companies involved.
    Does anyone have the address’s of these power crazed vandals? I’m thinking of making a democratic decision to do some landscaping and restore their gardens to the way they looked in the Victorian era.

  18. Tracy says:

    Robin, I know you are not likely to, but please don’t do anything that would bring the campaign into disrepute. The Council will be looking for any tiny wrongdoing to jump on and discredit us. We must stay peaceful and dignified if at all possible. (Although I feel the same anger!!)

  19. Robin says:

    Sorry, my previous comment was a bit of a knee jerk reaction, and clearly not a route that will obtain positive results.
    I’ve been trying to find out ‘who profits’ from this scheme, as from experience this is where motivation lies.
    One of the four contractors who applied for the work is ‘Peter Cox Ltd.’
    Could this be coincidence?
    Many years ago a tree surgeon friend of mine down south was trying to find out why
    a) his tenders for council work were never excepted.
    b). the trees under council jusitiction were being butchered, rather than pruned/pollarded.
    What he eventually found was that the head of council was brother in law to the company who won the tenders.
    I know this kind of practice is not uncommon.
    Good luck. And my utmost respect to the direct action campaigners.

  20. niah richards says:

    The accountability and transparency of the whole process needs to be brought to the fore.Why so much money-what is it being spent on AS it is being spent??Also where does the Council get this kind of money when public services and jobs are being cut and people could be asked to pay more Council Tax??

  21. Why on earth does it have to be a tennis court of all things to be built? Couldn’t it be something that everyone should be able to enjoy, like a court yard or a small park with a fountain? This sickens me. Great post though.

    -Samudaworth Tree Service

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