council in breach of Planning conditions

Unfortunately 2 hedgehogs were found dead in the park yesterday by dog walkers near the depot.
Screen shot 2013-01-30 at 15.17.49

There are a lot of vehicles going in and out the depot, and with all the works going on hedgehogs are likely to be disturbed out of hibernation. As we have just been reminded by the recent PTES report, hedgehogs are in serious decline in the UK and of course they are a GM Biodiversity Action Plan species. We have them in the park and instead of protecting them, their habitats are being destroyed and their lives endangered under these renovation plans.

The council has legal duties under Wild Mammals (Protection) Act 1996 and NERC Act 2006. We’re not suggesting at this stage that these recent deaths are the result of acts of intentional cruelty but the contractors are displaying a distinct lack of care, both in their actions on the ground and in their responses to questions about wildlife protection from members of the public.

The Biodiversity Masterplan says “A qualified ecologist from GMEU will be present on site during tree removal works, to check trees for hibernating bats.This approach has been formulated in conjunction with GMEU.” Yet the tree felling to date has taken place with NO qualified ecologist from GMEU on site – which is clearly a breach of the Planning conditions, as has been confirmed to us by the Planning dept.

It is not clear who has responsibility for ensuring the Biodiversity Masterplan is being properly implemented, and who the point of contact is for people who have concerns about the contractors work with regard to wildlife and/or who want to report incidents, like injuries or deaths to animals. We have addressed these questions to the council, and await a response..

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4 Responses to council in breach of Planning conditions

  1. Reblogged this on patricktsudlow and commented:
    Manchester City Council (Labour run) does not care about the residents, the environment, or biodiversity. They think, changing the landscape of Manchester, whilst benefiting their business partners will somehow propel them to the same status as Whitworth, Joules, Turin, Pugin and many other famous Victorians.

  2. The Lee Family says:

    The Lee Family would like to wish all involved in Alexndra Park good luck in their fight you will need it

  3. Simon Marsh says:

    Alexandra Park is in the South Lancashire Bat Group area. If you believe the tree felling could be putting bats in danger don’t hesitate to call the South Lancashire Batline on 0161 764 8850. You can also ring this number if someone finds an injured or distressed bat. The SLBG have members who are licensed to handle bats and are knowledgeable about wildlife law.

    • Simon Marsh says:

      In the case of hedgehogs in need of help these are the contact numbers of experienced hedgehog rehabilitators in the Manchester area
      Barbara Roberts 0161 445 5917
      Animals in Distress 0161 775 2221

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