Park Situation Update 2 pm Monday 28th 2013

The council is attempting to fence  a large Northern diagonal section of the park from the Claremont Road Lodge down and across to Alexander road South by the school to exclude the residents from objecting.

This attempts to close off the Sycamore Upper Terrace along Claremont Road   and D shape nature area and includes  at least part of the Lime avenue.

Is council working with residents in an open honest way  or is it creating a closed Shop where 2153 people voices are ignored because they think they know better.

If you would like to communicate with the council representatives  then now is the time

So far they are not acting to stop cutting 400 trees in the park.

Hopefully all the school children/young people  “said to be consulted by council ” on the plan won’t feel too betrayed by the 400 trees being cut when they find out what is actually happening as they look out their classroom windows across at the park.

No need to study foreign countries when it’s across the road.

Maybe you could do a study project on it and democracy in action. – Executive Member for Culture and Leisure – local Labour Councillor – local Labour Councillor – local Labour Councillor

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One Response to Park Situation Update 2 pm Monday 28th 2013

  1. David Graham says:

    On Friday 1st Feb I received a call that the police may be evicting protesters camping inside the fence. I was asked if I would phone local councillors to see if they would urgently go to the park as observers to ensure that if the police carried off the protesters that they did so without violence.

    Councillors contacted with responses:
    Sameen Ali left message – no call back
    Amina Lone – no call back
    Mary Murphy – too ill
    Nigel Murphy – no call back
    Victor Chamberlaine (Chorlton) – supportive had meeting put me on to Mark Clayton ex NCCL (LIBERTY) supportive – but at meeting
    Sheila Newman (Chorlton) Phone went dead
    Aftab Razaq – called back – said would go to park after prayers at 12.40
    Angeliki Stogia – phone went dead
    Mary Watson – supportive but other engagement

    I phoned MEN – S M Reporter phone line out of order.

    I have ordered some Peace News as their report on Save Combe Haven Valley may be of interest.
    I can drop them off if you wish.
    V B Wishes,

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