Friends Meeting Cancelled for tomorrow

See email below:

Dear Friends Group Member,

Re: Meeting of Friends of Alexandra Park tomorrow 29th  January

Following events that have taken place today, and following advice, I have  reluctantly decided that it would be unsafe to proceed with the meeting tomorrow  evening, because of the high level of feeling about certain aspects of the Park  restoration plans, and the potential that a small element of those who oppose  the plans may find themselves unable to control their feelings at a public  meeting at such a sensitive point in the procedure. The meeting will not take  place tomorrow, and I would be grateful if you could pass the message on to  anyone who intended to come along, but may not be on the e-mail list.

The council officers will let me have a detailed update on the works, which  I will circulate as soon as available. If you were hoping to obtain specific  information at the meeting, such as the proposals for running the cafe, please  raise the points with me and I will pass your questions on to the appropriate  council officers. If there were matters unrelated to the restoration work, that  need to be brought to the attention of the Group or the Council then also please  let me know.

Yours faithfully

Paul Benson-Hannam
Chair of Friends of Alexandra Park

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3 Responses to Friends Meeting Cancelled for tomorrow

  1. leo says:

    i would also be ashamed to have meeting considering the destruction you have implemented

  2. Bob says:

    If people have strong feelings and are upset – maybe there’s a reason behind that, and the council officers need to be able to hear that – it’s not your job to ‘protect’ them!

    And if out of fear you try to suppress these feelings, it’ll only lead to disengagement or worse. Friends of Alex Park, your reputation is on the line.

  3. carnage has started most sycomore avenue trees have been destroyed friends of alex park take alook at your shamful deed says:

    take alook at carnage on sycomore way i vote no confidence

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