Escalation of Council Tree Cutting – 189 Trees Around Sycamore Avenue by Claremont Road Are Being Cut

Escalation of Council Tree Cutting –  Sycamore avenue  by Claremont Road is being cut now.

Contractors are bringing in large amounts of fencing on trucks now to try and keep protestors out.

Police and park security are there.

Many council  chain saw contractors are there in force as the council scales up it’s cutting of 400 trees in the park.

The local residents protesting are facing the decision to get in  trees as it seems the only way to stop the council chainsaws.

More locals are urged to come to the park now.

Only part of the trees to be cut Photo by Dai O’Nysius

This is a major avenue of 50  healthy trees plus 139 trees surrounding them that are the key area of the major destruction of the 400 trees by council which is 25% to 30% of the tree canopy of the park.

The growing  petition stands at 2153 signatures.

The amount of tree cutting was not openly declared by the council till after planning was closed a  year later.

Council had attempted to blame Heritage Lottery Funding for the trees being cut this morning.

HLF states that this is not true.

Local residents want a stop to  cutting to trees  in their park till they are properly consulted.

Lead Park Protestor –  in the park 07757639668

More information- comments ,videos of residents and the trees to be cut in the park .

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