Residents are in despair as Council contractors arrived with chainsaws this morning

Residents are in despair as, despite a petition of 2,153 residents requesting that the felling is suspended, the Council contractors arrived with chainsaws this morning to commence felling an avenue of 50 mature and healthy Sycamore Trees and 139 surrounding trees in preparation for the planting of flower beds in line with the original Victorian designs.  This is part of a development programme for the park which includes the felling of c 400 trees, the majority of which are being felled to clear the ground area for the raised terrace and tennis courts.

Residents are gathering in the park this morning to protest against this unnecessary felling and plead with the Council to consider some design modifications which would allow the retention of the majority of the trees.

For further information:

Background details: Rionne 07805055818

Resident contact in the Park: Ian 07757639668

Website with link to petition
and videos

or see videos on  part 1 film of locals  part 2 film of locals

our website

another film on area

petition link

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