400+ trees to be cut not 258 – Council Provide Misleading Information to Public

The council are provide misleading information to the public.

400+ Trees are Being Cut – not  258 trees as the council says

25% to 30% of tree canopy cover will be lost not 10%

At least two local councillors are quoting these misleading figures they have been given as part of the reason they won’t act on 2000 strong petition in their reply emails yesterday in response to residents distress over council tree cutting starting in the park.

These significant sized unspecified trees with our A4 1 foot long white signs on trunks  are part of 140+ extra undeclared trees that have been left off the councils tree survey in Alexandra Park Manchester.

The council had 258 trees declared on their tree cutting plan and indicated zones returned to grass that would be cut not specifying the amount of trees in the zones to be cut.

This makes it very difficult for the public to know the extent of tree cutting. Some might say misleading as 260 sounds better than 400 trees to be cut.

Residents had no idea of the numbers till the Whalley Range Tree group  did their  own survey.

The council will only be planting about 93  3- 4 inch diameter trees as compensation for these huge trees.

Hence the green canopy cover lost will be 25 to 30% not the 10% council is saying.


Just a few unspecified trees to be cut down trees from the survey.

 Hardly insignificant and easy to notice so why not put them on the plan!!

see a video of ten such trees with our white markers   as per some of the stills below http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2-pav1Vmp0


unspecifiedtree5 unspecifiedtree3 unspecified tree1

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