Manchester Evening News article 18/1/13

MEN 18Jan2013

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One Response to Manchester Evening News article 18/1/13

  1. Richard Goliath says:

    As a Community in Bloemendal we have a lot of Challenge’s. Our main Concern is the Violents in our Area whereby many lifes was lost because of Gangsters shooting at each other.
    In our Area there is many Elderly People and Kids. Our Elderly People are not enjoying their being here for us all because there’s Willigant/Gangsters that want to Rob’s them from their Freedom. The Local Council dont even hear our Cry-out to build a Park to Play for Our Kids. How many letters did’nt we not put on th Councillors desk, but all this fell on Depht ears!
    On that note the Community came together and formed a CONCERN RESIDENTS FORUM of BLOEMENDAL!!

    We want to take this Opportunity to ask you to HELP us CLAIM our FREEDOM and our Area from this Gangsters and the Local Municipality to Build a Park for our kids!!

    Thanks in Advance

    Your sincerely
    RC Goliath

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