Cherrytree Avenue felled 21 Jan 2013

By the time we got the park this afternoon Cherrytree Avenue was felled… We have 1,988 supporters of our online petition to get Manchester City Council to accommodate the wishes of the Alexandra Park users, but the council have continued with their plans regardless. This is your park, be part of it and get involved in our campaign.

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11 Responses to Cherrytree Avenue felled 21 Jan 2013

  1. Barney Bardsley says:

    Its a sad day for Manchester, the vandals have started..!

    • Bigwetnelly says:

      Thank god for that – it was worn out and in need of replanting. Should have been done years ago. They are going to replant it with more cherries arn’t they?

  2. mark says:

    Sadly I see several stumps – most are healthy

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  5. leo says:

    bigwetnelly is correctly named no need to clone neaderthal man we got ourselfs a pedigree

  6. Jon says:

    Wtf….. By the time we got there this AFTERNOON they were already gone!!! What kind of part time protesters are you? Time waits for no man! Unless the queue was long in Starbucks, oh wait Starbucks are baaaaad! Reality check time I think!

    • Hello Jon,

      Just to inform you we have a presence in the park almost constantly but people have jobs and their own personal responsibilities to attend to as well. If you would like to email us to offer your practical support for several hours in the park, that would greatly be appreciated.

  7. jaylad says:

    For such a mature, quiet piece of beautiful INNER CITY woodland surely the destruction of it is nothing short of a crime. With the worldwide daily loss of our planets lungs can the council not mature as have these wonderful trees and see common sense over this!! MONEY WASTED. NOT IN MY NAME!

  8. leo says:

    remember the caring sharing labour council on polling day its the only thing they will react to they dont give a dam what real people care for

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