A Comment on Alexandra Park Situation 8 Dec 2012.

The Heritage Lottery Fund statement issued on this blog suggests they do not want to unnecessarily cut down trees so whats gone wrong here? Is anybody big enough to acknowledge  that and adopt a new plan that prevents cutting down healthy trees rather than the dismissive attitude of the council  we have experienced so far.

1200 plus people  signed the petition after a week or so and questioning of people in the park  on the 29th November, 3rd and 7th December suggests 9 out of 10 people walking in the park still do not know about it and of those people 100% did not want to loose 260 trees and wetlands wildlife habitats. People as far away as USA have also signed and local friends in favour of the plan have discredited this as invalid.With nearly 960, 000 international visitors in 2011 do they not think a few from others countries have a valid opinion. Since at least one of those people is from UK and has immediate family here, it is rather a narrow perspective of the park users. If your not convinced ask one of the Canadian geese on the pond if they could please leave or show their passport before landing.

Protest signs in the park and in surrounding areas indicating the cutting have been  removed on numerous occasions while  laminated white single page signs of identical  size /colour for the council’s open day have been left in place in the park 7 days after their  event. We continue to have this situation heard and people informed.

The council appears not to have released the tree cutting plan for around 260 tree  during the planning process which ended in council approving the plan  on 1st November  2011.

It was discovered a year later by a chance meeting with one of the council’s contracted planners in the park on 29th of November 2012 and confirmed  at the councils open day to show off the plans which was an information only day on 1st Dec 2012. Planning was closed as were objections  the council said on the day.

It is has only been the HLF North West who have been involved in the project  that has been interested in what we have to say so far as at December 7th and have agreed to hear more!

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One Response to A Comment on Alexandra Park Situation 8 Dec 2012.

  1. Cas Makurah says:

    Wow only just hearing of these plans. It’s a terrible idea. Let’s hope they listen to the people on this one.

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