Sighting of juvenile Heron

We are very happy that (an ornithologist has confirmed) this is a fledgling we spotted in the park.

Heron Jnr

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life persists despite the devastation


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Exhibition – Alexandra Park: A heart-breaking work of staggering destruction

We are looking for photos and materials for this exhibition.
installation etc.
Anything that anybody connected to this appalling event has made in response to it. All ages . This will be a great event and attract good media attention. There is an initial meeting on Wednesday between the organisers and exhibition host so if you have something you want to be considered email it or send details about it to Tim at littlefishstudio [at]

Please indicate your permission for it to be used, and if you want any clarity, email Tim.

Creative Commons License
The photographs in this gallery are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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LGA Conference 2013: Trust tells councils “healthy trees make healthy places”

The irony!

Woodland Matters

We had a highly successful exhibition stand at the Local Government Association annual conference in Manchester from 2nd to 4th July. 

Centrepiece for us was the launch of a new Woodland Trust report ‘Healthy trees – healthy places’which highlights the many benefits of trees for communities to inspire local authorities into positive action.

The report, written by our Senior Conservation Adviser, Mike Townsend, collates a wide range of research which states the potential benefits to local authorities investing in the natural environment. It also highlights a number of positive steps that both local authorities and individuals can take to green their local communities. 

One of the Woodland Trust’s key aims is to increase woodland cover across the UK from its current figure of 13%, which compares poorly to the European average of 44%. By working with landowners, schools, communities and local authorities the Trust has already planted millions…

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The Grey Herons Have Two Chicks!

Since the work has temporarily halted, the Herons have returned to the park and have built another nest on the island and had two chicks! The chicks are quite large but still have grey feathers all over and we have been told by an experienced birder that they won’t be able to fly for a little while yet.

The nest is on the part of the island nearest to where the lake edge dips inward, only 4-5 meters away. If MCC start work on the lakes edge – which is the next imminent stage of the development – there is a fear the Herons will be frightened away again and abandon their chicks.

We really hope the work will be delayed a little longer and that the council will welcome the next generation of these beautiful birds as they have been a feature in the park for around 5 years.

If you manage to capture any good clear photo’s of the chicks (they are camouflaged really well) , please send them in and we will feature them here.

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A few weeks ago a student left a video camera with someone on the camp site. Campers remember it being used by only a small amount of people before it disapeared. It needs to be returned urgently as the student had it out on loan.

If you have any information please phone 07757639668 or email we are only interested in returning it asap – that’s all.

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Get Your Banners Out & Your Juggling Balls Too…
Hey Council Leave Our Trees Alone …!!

This Sat & Sun from 1pm until everyones tired of jammin 🙂
Event on Facebook

Contact Kristina or Cassie on Facebook for details of this event.

Twitter: @SaveAPTrees
Facebook Group

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